Current mobility

Data up to: Friday, October 9

These graphics are updated regularly. They give a general picture of mobility reduction in Germany due to Covid-19 mobility restrictions.

Summary of key observations

  • Initial drop in mobility: Mobility fell to -39% below normal in mid-March 2020, after the majority of restrictions in Germany took effect.

  • Immediate recovery of mobility: In late March mobility, quickly increased again and finally plateaued at -27% in the second week of April. As restriction policies hardly changed during this time, this increase might be attributed mostly to a relaxing of self-imposed, individual mobility restrictions, paired with increased mobility due to warmer weather.

  • Gradual opening: Starting April 20th, some mobility restriction policies have been lifted. We observe an immediate increase in mobility to -21% in the week starting April 20th.

  • Return to normalcy: During May, more restrictions were lifted, and mobility gradually returned to close to normal.

Futher info

You can explore the most current numbers and regional patterns in the Mobility Monitor. For more detailed analysis see our reports.