Redesign of the website

We have revised the Covid-19 Mobility Project website and improved it in many places.

The centerpiece is our reworked Mobility Monitor. The monitor has been graphically optimized and is easier to use. For example, you can now use a search field to select and deselect individual counties in Germany.

Under the hood we have also built in the possibility to extend the monitor modularly in the future. This will allow us to quickly add new data sources and functionalities.

At the moment we are working on offering different spatial resolutions in the monitor. In the future, it will be possible to visualize mobility down to the municipality level – or zoom out to federal states – in addition to the current county level.

The previous content on the site, such as the mobility reports, are of course still available.

If you have any questions or feedback about the new monitor, please feel free to email us at

Frank Schlosser
Frank Schlosser
Scientific Project Lead

Frank is researching human mobility and its relation to epidemic spreading